Labex MS2T

The device "Laboratories of Excellence" aims to provide the best national laboratories with international visibility and significant resources to enable them to compete with their foreign counterparts, to attract researchers and academics of international renown and build a political integrated research, training and development of high level.

The Labex MS2T “Control of Technological Systems-of-Systems” is a multi-disciplinary scientific problem that targets a scope of application that may be very large. Backed by the experience of the three partner laboratories, Labex MS2T will make significant progress on three significant social issues : Transport and Mobility, Security, Health (ICT and Health Engineering).


1st Symposium inter-Labex : Excellence in Smart Systems

Date : November 23, 2016
Location : Besançon, France

For the first time since their launch in 2011, 8 of Excellence laboratories (Labex) from the "Investment for the Future" Program, federate to publicize their projects to the state of international art in the field of "Smart systems " :

- ACTION : Intelligent Systems integrated into the material
- CominLabs : Communication and Information Sciences Laboratories
- IMobS3 : Innovative Mobility : Smart and Sustainable Solutions
- MS2T : Control of Technological Systems of Systems
- NUMEV : Digital and Hardware Solutions Modelling for the Environment and Life Sciences
- Sigma-Lim : Specific ceramic materials and components to integrated communication systems, secure and intelligent
- Smart : Human / Machine / Human Interactions in the Digital Society
- UCN @ Sophia : User-centric networks

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Seminar Labex MS2T - 2016/10/11 - P. Moireau, Researcher at INRIA, Deputy team leader of M3DISIM

The next seminar Labex MS2T is Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 02:30 p.m. It will be presented by Philippe Moireau, Researcher at INRIA, Deputy team leader of M3DISIM

He will present a lecture on this occasion :
Problems for the Cardiac System

The seminar (open to all) will take place at the University of Technology of Compiègne - Amphi L200 – Batiment Pierre Guillaumat, 60200 Compiegne. You can find here a map

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Mariam Al Harrach - PhD defense

Date : 2016/09/27 - 02 p.m
Location : Amphi L103

Title : Modelling of the Surface EMG/Force relationship by data analysis of a high-resolution sensor network

Details and abstract here

Post doctoral recruitment

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Visiting Scholars recruitment

Call managed by Y. Grandvalet and F. Davoine
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