1st Symposium inter-Labex : Excellence in Smart Systems

Date : November 23, 2016
Location : Besançon, France

For the first time since their launch in 2011, 8 of Excellence laboratories (Labex) from the "Investment for the Future" Program, federate to publicize their projects to the state of international art in the field of "Smart systems ":

ACTION: Intelligent Systems integrated into the material
CominLabs: Communication and Information Sciences Laboratories
IMobS3: Innovative Mobility: Smart and Sustainable Solutions
MS2T: Control of Technological Systems of Systems
NUMEV: Digital and Hardware Solutions Modelling for the Environment and Life Sciences
Sigma-Lim: Specific ceramic materials and components to integrated communication systems, secure and intelligent
 Smart: Human / Machine / Human Interactions in the Digital Society
UCN @ Sophia: User-centric networks

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