Back on Interface Workshop nov. 22-23

Workshop "Muscle and Tendon Tissue Engineering : A bioinspired and System of Systems vision" - November, 22-23

This workshop was organized by Jean-François Grosset and Cécile Legallais, as part of the INTERFACES challenge (Tissues and cell Interfaces in muscle-skeleton system: Application to the design of bioartificial System of System).
Marie - Christine Ho Ba Tho, as Director of Research at UTC, introduced this workshop dedicated to tissue - engineered reconstruction research pathways involving tendons, skeletal skeletal muscles, and myotendinous junction. From cell to functional tissue via biomaterials was the flagship reflection inspiring this workshop which involved experts in the fields of morphogenesis, biomaterials and tissue engineering. Labex PhD students (Alejandro Garcia-Garcia and Mégane Beldjilali-Labro) also presented their work as part of their thesis.
Over the two days, we heard high quality scientific presentations and our partners had the opportunity to visit the BMBI labs. Discussions on new collaborations emerged at the end of the seminar.