Back on SMPS/BELIEF conferences

For the first time ever, the two conferences SMPS (International Conference Soft Methods in Probabilities and Statistics) and BELIEF (International Conference on Belief Functions) were jointly held in Compiègne.

With 60 papers presented and a little less than 100 participants from all over the world, from China to the United states, this event was the opportunity for researchers to present and discuss latest advances about the theory of belief function, and more generally about uncertainty models that complement or generalize classical probabilities. Participants included major researchers of the field, such as Maria Angeles Gil (one of SMPS founders, professor of statistic in Oviedo), Gert de Cooman (One of the SIPTA founder, the scientific society on imprecise probabilities), Thomas Augustin (professor of statistics in Munich), Scott Ferson (Director of the Liverpool risk institute)."