Datashield, finalist of Satt Lutech trophies

Organized at the beginning of the year and for three years now, the Lutech Trophy ceremony aims to reward the involvement of three research teams who have distinguished during the year 2018 by their involvement in technology transfer.

Among the finalists was the start-up Datashield, currently in incubation at the université de technologie de Compiègne. Datashield's mission is to make the best cryptographic technologies accessible to non-experts by managing the complexity of security in their place and giving the user the decision keys that allow him to stay in control of his data.

The start-up was created by Ahmed Lounis, research engineer, and Abdelmadjid Bouabdallah, professor, and respectively members of the Labex. The contract of Ahmed Lounis was funded during 2 years by the Labex, the Regional Council of Hauts de France and the ERDF.

Every year, around one hundred declarations of inventions from academic research laboratories are submitted to SATT Lutech through the valuation units of the shareholding institutions.
Once entered into the SATT and analyzed by its team, nearly 45% of them will be the subject of a maturation program in order to be transformed into technologies exploitable by the targeted market players or via a creation of start-ups.