First ERC grant at UTC

Congratulations to Anne Virginie Salsac, researcher at the BMBI laboratory, for having been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant in the 2017 call for her project entitled " Multiphysics study of the dynamics, resistance and targeted therapy potential of deformable Micro-Capsules "

The project rewards the work of Anne-Virginie Salsac, who, with her team, is specialized in biofluids and in the modeling of physiological flows. Among others, she works in the fields of encapsulation, studying the behavior of bioartificial and natural deformable microcapsules. Thanks to the project, innovative sophisticated numerical models and high-tech experiments will be designed to explore the use of deformable liquid-core capsules of micrometric size to efficiently protect and transport active material.

ERC Consolidator Grants are designed to support excellence in European research: they provide 5-year funding for exploratory research projects carried out by Principal Investigators with 7-12 years of experience since completion of PhD. Applicant Principal Investigators must demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of their scientific proposal.

The project will enable strong collaborations to be developed within the MS2T Labex and with international leading teams.

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