Mini-UAVs : new scientific results

In the Heudiasyc laboratory, the SyRI "Interactive Robotic Systems" team is working on mini-aerial drones. New scientific results have been highlighted, and are illustrated through 3 videos:

  • Quadcopter control reconfiguration when a motor faults
    A FTC scheme is used for detecting and isolating a fault in a motor of a quadcopter vehicle. In addition, this scheme reconfigures the control algorithm for recovering the flight performance and maintaining the desired position even if a fault in a motor occurs. In this test the motor performance is degraded 80%.

  • Quadcopter agressive deployment / Launched and recovered in flight
    A quaternion-based spherical shattering-free sliding modes controller is used for quadcopter aggressive deployment. Flight tests were performed in several scenarios (indoor and outdoor), the results obtained shown the good performance of the closed-loop system.

  • Autonomous outdoor flight
    In this video, first autonomous outdoor flight tests were carried out for validating a robust control scheme. Bebop Parrot structure and hardware are used, nevertheless all the software is replaced by our framework Fl-Air. A KF is used for improving drone pose estimation, the control algorithm is based on quaternions.