Harvard University, USA

·         Research collaborations on energy saving in low-power networks have been initiated with Harvard University following the visits of Prof. Vahid Tarokh (area dean of Electrical and computer engineering) and Dr. Fawaz Habbal (executive dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science). A Ph.D. student (Tifenn Rault) has been invited to visit Harvard University to continue this initiated joint research program. This collaboration resulted in several publications.


During his visit at the Harvard School of Engineering from July 20, 2015 to August 18, 2015, A. Bouabdallah (Heudiasyc) conducted the following activities:

o   He had several working meetings with Professor Tarokh and his Ph.D. student Jie Ding; they finalized a research paper accepted for publication in IEEE Sensors Journal.

o   He talked with a number of faculty members about their research interests and activities, and opportunities for future research collaboration.  These included: Dr. LI Na, Prof. Elisabeth Klerman (Harvard Medical School), and Dr. Manish Gupta.

o   He had several working meetings with professor Tarokh. They decided to work on a project that they submitted to the NSF-ANR call for proposal on computational neuroscience. 

The research A. Bouabdallah conducted at Harvard, which allowed him to initiate a new research topic, helped him a lot in the set up of a new proposal entitled "WISSD: WIreless Sensing based System for Sleepy state Detection of car driver" that was successfully submitted to the Regional Council of Hauts-de-France call of proposals. Professor E. Klerman, with whom collaboration is ongoing, was invited in Compiègne in January 2016.