International Joint Research Unit at CINVESTAV Mexico UMI - LAFMIA 3175 CNRS - CINVESTAV

Contact : Rogelio Lozano


Franco-Mexican Computing and Automation Mixed International Laboratory Unit (LAFMIA) is the only joint research unit (UMI: Unité Mixte de Recherche) that CNRS has in Mexico. It was created in March 2008. This UMI is the result of joining two previous Associated International Laboratories (LIA) on Computer Science (LAFMI) and Automatic Control (LAFMAA). The partners forming the UMI are: CINVESTAV, CONACYT, CNRS, Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC) (Heudiasyc and Labex MS2T), Grenoble Polytechnic Institut (Grenoble INP) and University Joseph Fourier (UJF).

The organization of the UMI reflects the history of the bilateral collaboration. The UMI is hosted by CINVESTAV (Research and Advances Studies Centre of the National Polytechnic Institute) in Mexico City which is one of the leader research institutions in Mexico. The UMI includes 2 CNRS researchers and 14 professors from CINVESTAV. The other part of the UMI in UDLAP (Universidad de las Americas de Puebla) has 1 CNRS researcher and 6 professors. The UMI has 5 postdocs and 46 PhD students.
The scientific activities of the laboratory focus on two domains: Automatic Control and Computer Science. The Automatic Control domain deals with mini-aerial and submarine autonomous vehicles and exo-squeletons.
Research in Computer Science centres on Ambient Systems and Multi-scale management of resources and Multi-objective Evolutive
Optimization. The research subjects are in accordance with the objectives of Labex MS2T. Master and PhD students as well as professors visit the UMI LAFMIA and Heudiasyc Lab and Labex MS2T on a regular basis to work on subjects of mutual interest. The collaboration is intense and very fruitful.