Lakeside lab – Klagenfurt, Austria

Contact : Enrico Natalizio


n the month of February 2014 Enrico Natalizio visited the Lakeside Labs of Klagenfurt,Austria.
A project collaboration between Enrico Natalizio and Evsen Yanmaz, senior researcher at the Lakeside Labs, already existed. In fact, they had already submitted a joint project proposal to the bilateral Franco-Austrian ANRFWF call for projects, whose scientific topic concerns the definition of a new communication paradigm for multi-robot systems.
In this context, Enrico Natalizio visited the Lakeside Labs to continue this collaboration with some more practical objectives. Specifically, Evsen Yanmaz and him worked on the extension of a previous work published by E. Natalizio on the Sport Event Filming problem.
During the visit, they included several communications elements in the mathematical formulation and the simulative platform of the existing work that had been neglected in the first version in order to enrich it and make it more realistic. This work is currently under review.
The collaboration with the Lakeside Labs will continue in the next months/years, in particular with both Enrico Natalizio and Evsen Yanmaz as proposers of the MUVS workshop which will become a new symposium involving three research communities: Control, Vision and Communications.