LISIN, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Contacts : Sofiane Boudaoud and Frédéric Marin


LISIN (Laboratory of Engineering of Neuromuscular System and Motor Rehabilitation) is a global leader in analysing and modelling the neuromuscular system interactions with the musculoskeletal system using grids of sensors (HD-sEMG).
Frédéric Marin and Sofiane Boudaoud visited in June 2014, invited by LISIN Director Prof. Roberto Merletti.

Objectives of this trip:
 Introduction of a scientific collaboration within the thesis of Mariam Al Harrach (Labex MS2T)
 Discussions with the team of Prof. R. Merletti on the possibility of filing a joint European project in late 2014 in response to the call for projects H2020 on a theme related to gerontechnologies.
This theme is likely to be carried by the Labex MS2T.
Others from both LISiN and UTC underlined the availability for joint measurements on topics of common interest, student exchange, use of technology and so on. The study of forearm muscles and work related injuries are a strong common field of interest for UTC and LISiN.