Labex MS2T participated in the Trans-Atlantic Research and Education Agenda in System of Systems (T-AREA-SoS), which is a Support Action project funded by the European Commission (Grant No. 287593) with the primary purpose of formulating a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Systems of Systems Engineering (SoSE).

The SRA supports the identification of key enablers for European competiveness and societal improvement from Systems of Systems
contributions to the Horizon 2020 Programme.

T-AREA-SoS had a particular purpose in seeking to prioritise research areas that were of mutual interest to Europe and the United States of America, such that the SRA should be a catalyst for transatlantic collaborative research.

The main output of this support action, the SRA, has been formulated through a series of activities which brought together information collected and validated through a set of exchange workshops held in Europe and US.
Overall, more than 100 experts have contributed to the agenda, including experts from the customer (industrial and government) and
researcher (industrial, government, and academic) communities, together with research funding agencies in both Europe and the US.