University of Genoa, Italy

Contact : Mohamed Sallak


From October 25th to 31st 2013, Mohamed Sallak has visited the University of Genoa in Italy. He has worked with the Profesor Roberto Sacile on the preparation of a European project: CYBERPHYSICAL SAFETY FOR TRANSPORT SYSTEMS “CYPHETY” for the call H2020-ICT-2014. This project was submitted in April 2014. Then, He gave two seminars on the topic of risk studies of railway systems at Foundation CIMA ( and another at Ansaldo STS. He also met Fabio Lavagetto, the vice president of University of Genoa and delegate for the research, with the aim of creating a common course and student exchange program between the master MSCI at UTC and the master of transport at the University of Genoa. He also met Riccardo Minciardi, the former director of department who is now on
the board of scientific directors of University of Genoa, to discuss about the same project.
Finally, He gave a seminar at the conference of CP-Expo community Protection about reliability studies of railway systems. Professor
Roberto Sacile was an invited scholar of Labex MS2T in June 2013 and from May to September 2014 and in 2016.