Experimental platforms play an important role in the research strategy of the LABEX. We concentrated our efforts on the experimental systems acquired as part of ROBOTEX.

The goal of the national network ROBOTEX is to build a coherent infrastructure for technical equipment as well as scientific and technological expertise. The experimental platforms of ROBOTEX belong to 15 joint CNRS-university laboratories with strong research and developments in robotics and with material and human resources guaranteeing an access and an optimal exploitation of the platforms. This national network links together most of the leading academic robotics research teams of France. Heudiasyc is the head of the Mobile Robotics sub-network.
The equipment at UTC is as follows:



A fleet of mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The chosen configuration is an octorotor, composed of four double controrarotating rotors, in order to increase the payload and embed several appropriate sensors (RTK GPS, IMU, cameras, Hokuyo laser) depending on the dedicated application. We built our own framework to have a maximum of flexibility to integrate every sensors and
electronic equipment needed by the Robotex project. Computer-aided design of the octorotor was first realized by our team. Then, a 3D printer and a CNC milling machine that have been recently bought were used to build two first prototypes.

Autonomous road Intelligent Vehicles

A controller of the actuators of the Fluence ZE using a joystick has being developed and validated. This vehicle is also equipped with several cameras, two lidars and 6 radars. The two Renault Zoe have been actuated by Renault. The control system is able to fully actuate the vehicle by using a computer and several cooperative modes have implemented to share the control with a driver. The VIL (Vehicle In the Loop) test equipment has been specified and a provider has been selected for its realization.

Experimental support

Protected outdoor UAVs flight area, “mobile laboratory ” (i.e. an equipped van with electric power capacities) to assist experiments outdoors and to carry out experiments away from UTC, mechanical and electrical workshops.

Other experimental platforms

Other experimental platforms that are being used for research in MS2T include SUPGEST (wireless sensor network architecture for functional rehabilitation), Airplug (software platform for building distributed applications and protocols suited to dynamic networks), etc.