PhD (funded by the Labex)

Name  Start date  End date  Subject  Precedent institution  Advisors 
SHEHAJ Marinela dec. 16 dec. 19 Robust Optimization des of wireless optical networks with variable capacities Master of Science Degree in Information Systems in Economics
University of Tirana, Albania
Dritan Nace and Michal Pioro (Poland)
KOUICEM Djamel Eddine oct. 16 oct. 19 Secure Internet of Everything (IoE) architecture for Systems of Systems Master 2 Informatique, spécialité Réseaux, UPMC Paris Abdelmadjid Bouabdallah
GUYARD Romain  oct. 16 oct. 19 Distributed algorithms for cooperative perception Diplôme ingénieur Genie Informatique, UTC France Bertrand Ducourthial and Véronique Cherfaoui
CAMBIER Nicolas  oct. 16 oct. 19  Bio-inspired collective exploration and cognitive mapping Master in Coimputer Sciences, UL Bruxelles, Belgium Vincent Frémont
BELDJILALI LABRO Mégane oct. 16 oct. 19 Multi-scale analysis of multi-layered tissues constructs and comparison with native tissue characteristics: investigation of the myotendinous junction Master 2 Biomateriaux pour la santé, Université de Cergy Pontoise, France Cécile Legallais and Jean François Grosset
SPAENLENHAUER Ariane avr. 16 march. 19 Multi-Robots Exploration Strategies using Active Visual SLAM and Distributed Control Architectures Master MSCI, UTC, France Vincent Frémont and Isabelle Fantoni
SAIED Majd oct.-15 sept.-16 Fault tolerant control when a drone engine failures  (co-funded with the Lebanese University)  Master - Lebanese University, Beirut (Lebanon) Benjamin Lussier, Isabelle Fantoni and Clovis Francis (Lebanese University)
ASSAAD Mohamad Ali oct.-15 sept.-18 Control of Systems of Systems : Case of several autonomous vehicles in interaction Master MSCI specialité TIS - UTC
Diplôme ingénieur Génie Mecanique - UL
Reine Talj
Ali Charara
MAHDOUI Nesrine oct.-15 sept.-18 Robust Multi-robots Visual SLAM using Heterogeneous Mobile Cameras Network Master TIS, Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France) Enrico Natalizio and Vincent Frémont
GARCIA GARCIA Alejandro oct.-15 sept.-18 Multi-scale analysis of multi-layered tissues constructs: interfaces in the musculo-skeletal system based on tissue engineered myotendinous and osteotendinous junctions Master 2 Biochimie de macromolécule et des interactions cellulaires (Biomatériaux) - Université Cergy-­Pontoise (France) Cécile Legallais and Fahmi Bedoui
CAO Hongliu oct.-15 sept.-15 Distributed and augmented vehicle perception to support autonomous driving Ecole des Mines de Nancy— Département Informatique (Master’s degree) Franck Davoine and Thierry Denoeux
BAITI NURIN Risa oct.-14 sept.-17 Characterization of the Nanomechanical Properties of Biological Lipid Membranes Master BMBI, Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France) Karim El Kirat and Pierre Emmanuel Mazeran
PUTHIYA PARAMBATH Shameem dec.-13 dec.-16 New methods for multi-objective learning (co-funded by Labex MS2T/ Regional Council of Hauts de France) Master of Science, Umea University, Sweden Nicolas Usunier
CALLEBERT Lucile oct.-13 oct.-16 Modeling autonomous virtual characters for team cognition training in complex environments (co-funded by Labex MS2T/DGA) Engineering degree in Computer Engineering- Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France) Domitile Lourdeaux
KAMDEM SIMO Freddy sept.-14 sept.-17 Semantic-Based Federation of SoS Models (co-funded by AIRBUS Defence and Space) Engineering degree in Computer Engineering- Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France) Dominique Lenne
RANGRA Subeer sept.-14 sept.-17 A Systems-of-Systems Approach for Modeling and Integrating Human Factors in Risk Analysis Master International Computer – Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique (ESIEE Paris) (France) Mohamed Sallak and Walter Schon
TOUATI Lyes oct.-13 oct.-16 Internet of Things security: towards a robust interaction of Systems of Systems Master 2 Networks and Telecomm, Université Paris-Sud (France) / Computer engineer, Ecole nationale Supérieure d’Informatique, Algeria Yacine Challal
SAHLI Abderrahim oct.-13 oct.-16 The project scheduling problems with storage resources, optimisation and robustness Ecole nationale Supérieure d’Informatique, Algeria Jacques Carlier and Aziz Moukrim
RAULT Tifenn oct.-12 sept.-15 Energy saving in wireless sensor and actuator networks Engineering degree in Computer Engineering- Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France) Abdelmadjid Bouabdallah and Frédéric Marin
SEVENIE Benjamin oct.-12 sept.-15 Modeling of the flow of capsules through a complex capillary network Engineer - Grenoble-INP Phelma, Grenoble (France) Anne Virginie Salsac and Pierre Villon
SAIF Osamah sept.-12 sept.-15 Reactive navigation of a fleet of drones in interaction Université Bordeaux 1 and ENSEIRB (France) Isabelle Fantoni
HOANG Tuan déc.-11 nov.-14 Biomechanical data uncertainty: modelling and propagation in musculoskeletal system pathology diagnosis models Institut de la Francophonie pour l’Informatique, Hanoi, Vietnam (IFI) / Joined with double degree l’Université Claude Bernard,Lyon (France) Marie Christine Ho Ba Tho and Thierry Denoeux
QIU Siqi nov.-11 nov.-14 Reliable design methodology of Systems of Systems in the presence of uncertainty: Application to transport systems Engineer - Polytech’Paris-Sud, France Walter Schon and Mohamed Sallak