Scientific program

The unprecedented development of means of communication today requires a large-scale interconnection of autonomous technological systems that can cooperate to perform certain tasks. We refer to “technological systems of systems” (TSoS), which are defined in particular by the autonomy and heterogeneity of the component systems.
The Management of Technological Systems of Systems (MTSoS), which is the focus of this project, targets a potentially very wide scope of application, including very important socio-economic issues in the fields of :
  Transport and mobility (smart electric cars, multimodal transport systems);
  Security (mini-drones);
  Health engineering (occupational therapy, micro-nano technologies for biological systems);
  Environment and energy (management of natural risks, energy mix).

Beyond the engineering-related aspects, the control of TSoS represents a considerable scientific challenge which, to date, has not been the object of much study among the academic teams. The project has been designed to break scientific bottlenecks in three main avenues:

1. Interaction and cooperation among systems
Manager: M. Bouabdallah
Management of information flows in the networks; Distributed information processing

2. Management of uncertainties
Manager: S. Destercke
Modeling of uncertainties; Robustness in the face of uncertainties and integrity; Taking uncertainty into account in digital modeling

3. Optimized design of TSoS
Manager: P. Feissel
Multi-level and multi-physical optimisation; Scheduling and synchronization of mobile sub-systems; Security of TSoS operation.

4. Dynamics of Systems of systems: emergence and agility
Managers: Jérôme Favergeon, Hugues Choplin, Cécile Legallais