Sanjeeva Murthy - Studies of the structures at the surface and in the bulk in biomaterials used in drug delivery and as scaffolds.

Christian Gasser - Constitutive modeling of vascular tissue with application to the abdominal aortic aneurysms wall

Angela Schoellig - Are we there yet? Robots That Learn from Experience, and Enhance Their Performance and Autonomy over Time

Roberto Sacile - System of systems views of safety and vulnerability in dangerous goods transportation by road.

Michal Pioro - Transmission scheduling in wireless mesh networks

Gabriele Dubini - Computational fluid dynamics modelling and congenital heart diseases

Gérard Le Lann - On the Power of Cohorts - Multipoint Protocols for Fast and Reliable Safety-Critical Communications in Intelligent Vehicular Networks

Randall Thomas - Modeling the multiscale functionality of the (mammalian) kidney

Bruno Sudret - Computational methods for uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis of complex systems

Mo Jamshidi - System of Systems Engineering - Innovation and Challenges for 21st Century

Alcherio Martinoli - Distributed Sensing using Resource-Constraind Multi-Robot Systems