Dominique Collard - Platform silicon nano tweezers, a versatile bio physical sensor: an emblematic example of the multi-disciplinary research performed in CNRS UMI: LIMMS/CNRS IIS

Yves Caseau - Serious Games as a tool to Understant complexity in Market competition: an evolutionary Game theory simulation platform

Vahid Tarokh -  Spectrum Sharing: Past, Present and Future

Ian Akyildiz - Nanonetworks: A New Frontier in Communications

Jérôme Noailly - Integration of biomechanical and biophysical in silico models to explore the complexity of musculoskeletal diseases over multiple scales

Julien Yvonnet - Numerical multiscale approaches for modeling of complex heterogeneous materials and structures: recent contributions

Dominique Luzeaux - Complexity Science and engineering system

Olivier Dauchot - Active Matter: understanding collective motion through model experiments

Rodolphe Leriche - Optimizing with realistic simulators and metamodels

Scott Ferson - Where uncertainty paradoxes come from ?