Training and job opportunities

Students who successfully complete the MICS Master’s degree can apply for professional positions in the area of research development and innovation, in either private or public environments with positions ranging from expert research scientists to R&D project managers, experts in formal methodologies, and more. More than 50% of graduate students of this Master program continue with a doctoral thesis.
The choice of specialization is essentially defined by the choice of complementary subjects, in order that the individual courses followed by the student match his/her career plans, thereby facilitating the student’s integration into the professional world or his/her pursuit of a PhD.

Some Thesis examples done in the framework of the Labex MS2T (2015)

Student Speciality Subject
Carriou Vincent BMI Multiphysical Muscle Modelling by Numerical Approach
Nguyen Xuan Huy SMA Design of a digital 3D electromagnetic actuator with 8 discrete positions
XU Jinhu TIS Simulation and evaluation of dependability of railway systems using a RCCS (Route Control Centre System)
Dang Van Tuan BMI-SMA Flow of capsules through a capillary network
Fang Xi BMI Finite element modelling of biomechanics systems, Application to hip disorder in children
Ide Flore Fokam TIS Multi-vehicle urban autonomous navigation system
Stanoi Oana TIS Mobile Robots Cooperation with Biased Exteroceptive Measurements
Yu Li TIS Optimal hybrid camera network coverage using distributed structure from motion algorithm
Hany Megawatti Rosalinda SMA Development of a control system for a planar conveyance device based on an actuators array in a microfactory context